a small crab in the back seat of a car, strapped in with a seatbelt and pressed against the seat by G force as the car moves forwards.


NBA legend LeBron James is back to join forces with a thrill-seeking CG crab for GMC Hummer during the 2023 All-Star game. Created by Leo Burnett Detroit, ‘Again’ takes us on a high octane ride through the desert to showcase the car’s Crabwalk feature that allows all four wheels to turn at an angle for diagonal movement.

Visual Effects Supervisor
Animation Supervisor

Strapping its seat belt for one electrifying experience, our hero crab makes its return thanks to Framestore’s VFX team. When it came to shooting the plates, the team worked with the art department to provide a CG model of the crab that was then 3D printed, painted and rigged with wires. This allowed director Jacob Rosenberg to pose, light, and frame an actual crab at the correct scale and position to the one that the VFX team would generate in post. The stand-in model was so accurate to post assets that it gave the team the perfect reference to look at throughout the post production process. 

“The fidelity and detail brought to the CG crabs roots them in reality, while allowing us to convey emotion and communication during the interaction with LeBron throughout the spot,” said Framestore Creative Director, Jordan Carroll. “This was one of the shared goals we discussed at length with director Jacob Rosenberg and Leo Burnett at the beginning of the project, and I believe we were very successful.”

A small crab sits on a rock, in the background, a hummer vehicle with the headlights on
Three small crabs belted into the backseat of a car


Creative Directors
Jordan Carroll, Chris Beers
Shoot Supervisor
Victoria Osborn
Head of Production
Cat Pavitt
Matt Dobrez
CG Team Lead
Ariana Ziae-Mohseni
CG Team
Aurelie Duret, Dan Bruce, Eaza Shukla, Gabriela Ruch Salmeron, Jeremy Livingston, Joao Lourenco, Jordan Carroll, Joshua Merck, Matt Sackley, Russell Miller, Ryan Wang, Sam Crees, Teri Shellen
Compositing Lead
Joseph Taylor
Compositing Team
Artem Voronoff, Chris Beers, JinHee Aloi, Johnny Kachenmeister, Joseph Taylor, Matt Dobrez, Megan McGuire, Min Hwa Jung, Nasser Mandavisobi, Serina Flores
Company 3
Beau Leon