Geico Gecko and Leo the Lizard

Advice Coach


Based on the GEICO Gecko’s years of giving people insurance advice, the filmmakers behind Netflix's 'Leo the Lizard,' starring Adam Sandler, found it fitting to invite him to step in as a personal consultant and coach to Leo on the film.

The GEICO Gecko on set with a director and he looks into a monitor to see Leo the Lizard on the screen

Continuing our ongoing collaboration with The Martin Agency on the iconic GEICO Gecko, our VFX teams, led by Creative Director Andy Rowan-Robinson, brought to life the famous reptile, this time alongside Leo from Netflix's 'Leo the Lizard' film. We were tasked with blending the two stylistically different worlds of the GEICO Gecko and Leo, into one seamless spot.

"It was a lot of fun playing with the idea of being on set for a 3D-Animated film!  It gave many interesting opportunities to combine the vibrant colorful world from Leo’s movie with the authenticity of Gecko’s live action universe.

There are moments when Gecko goes into Leo’s world, where Leo comes out to Gecko’s - or we straddle them together.  All done with the goal of it feeling seamless and not questioned.

It was also a true collaboration between all the involved parties - all with fantastic and fresh ideas - which I really enjoyed.  And it gave a result that is greater than the sum of its individual parts."

-Andy Rowan-Robinson, Creative Director


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