William Laban

VFX Supervisor

With a host of notable projects under his belt, Will’s creative highlights include Burberry ‘Open Spaces’ and ‘Night Creatures’ directed by Megaforce, Hennessy XO ‘The Seven Worlds’ directed by Sir Ridley Scott, John Lewis ‘Buster the Boxer’ directed by Dougal Wilson, and Playstation ‘Feel It Now’, directed by Henry Hobson.  

Will has been integral to the technical, visual and creative success of a host of notable projects. In a 10 year span, he has won numerous awards including two VES Awards, two Gold British Arrows, a Gold Cannes Lions, D&AD Pencils and an Immortal award.  

Starting at Framestore as a runner back in 2012, Will quickly worked his way up through the ranks to a Technical Director, before joining MPC In 2016. From there he rose to VFX Supervisor, a role he later transferred over to The Mill, upon making his return back to Framestore in 2023. 

Burberry Night Creatures Hero Image
Burberry 'Night Creatures'
PlayStation 'Feel it Now'
 burrberry_openspaces_the mill
Burrberry 'Open Spaces'


VFX Supervisor
PlayStation VR2 'Feel a New Real'
VFX Supervisor
ITV 'The Pride Has Arrived'
VFX Supervisor
Burberry ‘Night Creatures’
VFX Supervisor
Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - McDonald's 'Happy Meal'
CG/VFX Supervisor
BT Broadband Nightmare
CG/VFX Supervisor
Burberry 'Open Spaces’
CG Supervisor
Vanquis 'Walk Tall'
CG Supervisor
GMC Hummer-EV-SUV-Another-Revolution
3D Lead
Hennessy X.O: The Seven Worlds
3D Artist
John Lewis 'Buster the Boxer'