15th April 2021

Virtual Production x VFX Voice

VFX Voice recently featured Framestore's Alex Webster and Tim Webber in a piece exploring the adoption of virtual production in a post-pandemic world.

Alex talked through how Framestore's Pre-Production Services (FPS) was utilising virtual scouting and virtual cameras to interactively stage previs via fARsight, Framestore’s proprietary virtual production tool. "fARsight uses a VR headset or an iPad which connects to a PC running Unreal. It can support multiple users in one session, which is particularly useful with many of our clients and creative stakeholders working remotely and often on different continents" he explained.

Visual Effects Supervisor and Chief Creative Officer Tim Webber explored the impact of LED technology, of which Framestore was an innovator for the Oscar-winning Gravity. This established workflow combining LED panels and fARsight virtual production technology provided Framestore a solid foundation upon which to build when the Covid-19 pandemic severely impacted location-based shooting. "Right now, we’re finding ourselves going beyond just scouting, camera placement and LED panels to the idea of fully prototyping and ultimately finishing a whole movie using this toolset.”

Read the full piece on VFX Voice