SXSW PanelPicker 2024
08th August 2023

SXSW PanelPicker

SXSW's 2024 PanelPicker Community Voting is officially live! Now through August 20th, 2023, you have the chance to vote for who you would like to see in Austin, Texas during SXSW 2024. During the this voting period, you can browse proposals, leave comments, and vote for sessions that you think would be a good fit for the event. 

Have a look below at our four nominated panels below, plus the two talks with members of the Framestore team spotlighted. Be sure to cast your vote, we'd love to see you next spring! 


Personalized Creative Companions: A Generative AI Workshop

Join creatives and technologists to explore cutting-edge tools for digital content creation using Generative AI. Discover the evolution of generative AI, delve into style transfer, text-to-image synthesis, and other awe-inspiring techniques with Framestore's Johannes Saam (Creative Developer) and Brian Solomon (Creative Technologist).

Master still image and video manipulation, infusing your creations with stunning visual effects and animations. This workshop is a must for artists, designers, filmmakers, writers, and developers seeking to ignite innovation and explore the future of content creation through the captivating possibilities of Generative AI.

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Harmonizing AI & Artistry: A New Era of Music Interaction

Join us for an electrifying session with celebrated artist Santigold and Framestore's Manon Dave (Creative Technology) as they unveil a trailblazing, fully interactive AI-powered music video. This groundbreaking project ensures that no two viewers will ever have the same experience, as each individual can influence and alter the video based on simple inputs. In an intimate fireside chat, Santigold will discuss her journey to embrace AI and how it's transforming the artist-fan connection. To top it off, attendees will be treated to an exclusive performance, promising a night of fascinating insights and mesmerizing music.

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Hyperreal Self-Expression: Fashion in the Metaverse

Join us on a journey through the fascinating intersection of fashion, AI, and generative art. A groundbreaking collaboration between the Fashion Innovation Agency and Framestore created a hyper-realistic meta catwalk. By combining cutting-edge AI-generated images and VFX technology, Framestore's Johannes Saam (Creative Developer) and his team created an immersive experience that showcased the potential of marrying fashion and technology. The project offers a glimpse into a future where fashion designers and technologists work hand in hand to push the boundaries of self-expression and creativity.

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Fictional Architecture: How Creativity Can Reshape Cities

Cities are changing rapidly as real world buildings become ghost towns, with more people choosing to work from home, and landlords refusing leases due to risk, how can we turn these vacancies into opportunities to revitalize communities? On the flip side, how do entertainment experiences emerging in these “alt-venues" start to change our relationships with Themed Entertainment Experiences? The creative minds of today's futuristic entertainment venues and experiences including Framestore's Brian Solomon (Creative Technologist), Joanna Garner (Senior Story Creative Director, Meow Wolf) and Raman Mustafa (Art Director, Sphere Entertainment Co.) lead the conversation discuss how creativity, technology and ingenuity will lead us into the future of designing for commercial occupancy. 

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HBO’s Carrie’s Closet Campaign and the Rise of Location-Base

Immersive experiences could be the key to your next viral marketing campaign.

This session explores how location-based experiences use immersive, metaverse technology to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience. Alex Wills (CXO, Disguise) and Framestore's Karl Woolley (Global Head of Immersive) will examine the recent campaign by Max where they bought Carrie’s closet to life for the 25th year anniversary of HBO original series ‘Sex and the City’ and the upcoming season promo for Max Original ‘And Just Like That.’

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Reel Women: Real-Time Visual Effects Workflows in Film & TV

We’re talking cloud today – and no, nothing to do with the weather. Real-time workflows are more relevant than ever in the production of visual effects for Film & TV. This panel will explore how real-time workflows impact storytelling, creativity and costs from the early stages on-set all the way to the final pixel. Featuring women who are tech experts in their respective fields, the discussion will delve into how data in the cloud changes the way we work and allows for more creative flexibility, collaboration opportunities and faster production timelines. Speakers include Framestore's Kaya Jabar (Pre-Production Supervisor at Framestore; Virtual Cinematographer; On-Set Supervisor) Leona Frank (Director, Media & Entertainment Marketing, Autodesk) Rebecca Bever (Manager of Software Development for Motion Picture Labs, The Walt Disney Company) and Sabine Laimer (Sequence Visual Effects Supervisor, Wētā FX).

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Voting ends August 20th, 2023. You can learn more about the 2024 SXSW Panel Picker here