13th February 2022

Super Bowl LVI 2022

Super Bowl LVI was another one for the books – not only thanks to the epic, star-studded lineup of musical guests, but for this year’s installment of the industry’s most-anticipated commercials. 

In partnership with our agency friends and acclaimed directors, Framestore teams explored a Paralymian’s impaired vision, used digital VFX to conveyed an analog aesthetic, animated puppets to find their place in the Metaverse, and composited a household of smart appliances in a pinch.

We were thrilled to be involved with this year’s Big Game once again and help bring these projects to life. Click on each image for the full story and see what the press and our creative team had to say below!

Toyota's new Super Bowl ad about Paralympic brothers is as inspiring as it gets.


We broke scenes down into smaller elements; and with some brilliant production design, we were able to assemble something that felt like hundreds of stage hands, pulleys and ropes were at work behind the scenes.

James Rogers - Creative Director, Framestore

A few weeks ago, Cue wasn’t even planning a Super Bowl spot… Eight days ago, Cue filmed both commercials and then decided on the winner that will air on Sunday night.


There were a lot of individual characters for this spot, so it was important to ensure they did not detract from Harry’s performance. It was an interesting challenge to create their movements, given none of the characters within Horizon World have legs.

Marco Marenghi - Animation Supervisor, Framestore