Summer of Colour

Thursday 6 July 2017

Join Framestore in Chicago for a Summer of Colour. To celebrate Framestore's newest office, a spectrum of esteemed global Colourists will be offered throughout the summer months to share their award-winning color artistry with partners in Chicago and the Midwest. Work with the multi-talented Framestore Colourists, all of whom are well-versed in perfecting the look of commercials, music videos and short films, and have been recently awarded across Cannes Lions, British Arrows, UK Music Video Awards and D&AD Awards between them. 

Simon Bourne

July 6th - July 14th

Simon Bourne is Framestore’s award winning BTA and MVA Head of Creative Colour whose body of work is globally recognised. This year, he has been awarded three Cannes Lions for his work on ‘Hope Inside the Fire’, DJ Shadow and Run The Jewels’ ‘Nobody Speak’, and ‘This Girl Can' and had the great pleasure of grading Elton John’s first ever promo for ‘Tiny Dancer’, as a result of 'The Cut' competition, featured at Cannes Film Festival this year. Simon is a 2x winner for Best Colourist at the British Arrows Craft Awards, and has proven well-rounded artistry on a multitude of commercials and music videos.

Jessica Vile

July 17th - July 28th

London colourist, Jessica Vile, has worked on numerous music videos and commercials, collaborating with a raft of young directors, DOPs and top agencies. Her keen eye for detail, photography and an understanding of colour, married with her in-depth knowledge from her previous role in Data Lab makes her a well-rounded member of Framestore's renowned Colour Department. She has had the pleasure of working on projects for Bjork, Ford, and Digital Farm Animals ft. R.Kelly.

Beau Leon

July 31st - August 20th

Beau Leon, Lead Colourist and pioneer of the Los Angeles colour studio, brings an expansive portfolio of work to the role. Launching his career with the iconic R.E.M. music video for ‘Losing My Religion’ and going on to grade for the likes of Madonna, David Bowie, Johnny Cash and many (MANY) more has earned him the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from the MVPA. He collaborated on six Cannes Lions winners this year for Pandora, Lysol, The Grammy’s, Audi & AirBnb, Knorr, and Microsoft. His work on Stella McCartney’s ‘Uncanny Valley’, directed by Philippa Price, was featured at the Guggenheim Bilbao in June of this year.

Edwin Metternich

August 14th - August 28th

Edwin Metternich, an integral part of the London Colour team, frequently collaborates with award-winning agencies and production companies, has an affinity for grading independent film projects, and was acknowledged by Little Black Book as a Top Colourist to Watch. He has recently partnered with Turner-nominated artist Zarina Bhimji, applying the grade to her latest film, 'Jangbar', and was part of the crew behind BAFTA award-winning British Short Film 'Operator'. This year, Edwin worked with Young Director Award winner Sarah Clift on ‘La Madre Buena’, which was shortlisted for a Film Lion at Cannes. 

Steffan Perry

September 4th - September 17th

Steffan Perry leads Framestore’s grading department as Head Of Colour. His collaborative and diplomatic approach has earned him a well-earned reputation and loyal client base. He is a constant fixture on Televisual’s poll of the UK’s Top Colourists, and has picked up numerous nominations for Best Colourist at The British Arrows. His high profile work has won several awards at D&AD and Cannes Lions for brands such as Audi, Nike, Lynx, Sony and Stella Artois. His work on Framestore's groundbreaking commercial for Galaxy, featuring a CG Audrey Hepburn, won him multiple plaudits globally and an army of new fans.