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02nd August 2023

Shots News

In a strategic move to bolster their Immersive team, Framestore announces the appointment of two highly accomplished Creative Technology Directors: Manon Dave and Brian Solomon. 

With Dave joining the London team and Solomon strengthening the New York team, Framestore solidifies its standing as a global powerhouse in creative technology, combining talent and innovation to reframe immersive experiences.

Manon Dave brings a wealth of experience across product design and music, offering a diverse and multifaceted perspective. As a creative director focussing on everything from brand development to immersive installations, Manon's clients have included Mercedes, HBO, Christian Dior, Magic Leap, Native Instruments, and many web3 and generative AI startups. 

His endeavors in music have led him to collaborations from co-writing songs for the likes of and Idris Elba, to executive producing two albums for UK rap sensation Che Lingo. Manon also acts as a music and technology advisor to some of the world's leading musical artists and is a published songwriter/producer via Universal Music.

On joining, Dave comments, "I am thrilled to join the prestigious Framestore team and eager to help find ways to fuse technology-led storytelling and world-class IP to propel Framestore into new realms of innovative entertainment. Adding my own creative flair where I can, I look forward to leveraging the endless possibilities of emerging technologies, including web3 and AI, to extend Framestore's rich portfolio of work to new audiences."

Brian Solomon has dedicated his career to mapping uncharted pathways where entertainment technology and the real world blur. Solomon founded the XR team within Meow Wolf, where as creative director, he and his team drove the application of real-time and computer vision technology to enable digital narrative layers within real-life exhibitions that visitors could touch and explore. Throughout his career, Solomon has lent his creative and technical prowess to startups and entertainment brands, including, Hexagram, AMC Television Network, Expo 2020 Dubai, and MSG's Sphere, the world's most technologically advanced entertainment venue.

"The world is craving evolved content that the new wave of modern experiences allow for, and that's part of what makes me so excited about joining the team at Framestore,” said Solomon. “They've demonstrated a unique ability to scale and collaborate in the digital and machine learning realm at an award-winning level, and as new AI and spatial workflows emerge, who better to explore their application than a team renowned for inventing their way through the toughest creative challenges."

Global Head of Immersive, Karl Woolley, comments on the recent hires, stating, "I am humbled to have Manon, a multifaceted artist who has been recently appointed as Artistic Director of TED Tech, and Brian, one of the pioneering creatives of the MSG Sphere, which captivated audiences on a global scale, join our immersive team. I'm excited to witness Manon, Brian, and our Creative Technologist and resident futurist, Johannes Saam, join forces to shape the very future of technology and storytelling.”

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