Playtest retrospective

Wednesday 21 October 2020

As we approach the spooky season, Den of Geek has revisited Black Mirror's most horror-led episode, doing a deep dive on Playtest, an episode for which we delivered the VFX.  

Speaking to the publication's Alex Bojalad, our VFX Superviso on the Grant Walker talked about how we had to perform a quick turnaround on the project that included modelling and animating a creepy spider/human hybrid and delivering some serious body horror visuals. 

 Talking about the design of the spider creature Walker said: 'I don’t know if people notice it or not, but those legs are hands with long nails. They’re like fingers. It’s got a belly button underneath it and other weird stuff that you might not ever get to see.'

Check out more details on our work here and read the excellent Den of Geek article on their website now