Muse by Clio

Wednesday 29 January 2020

In this Muse by Clio Postscript column, Framestore’s Executive Creative Director Murray Butler reminisces on his experience working with filmmaker Jonathan Glazer on the iconic 2001 Levi’s “Odyssey” campaign. Butler shares what the six-month long project taught him about working as a collective, understanding what’s at stake, and never settling for anything less than your true vision.

As the lead flame artist on the project at the time, Butler recalls some of the major hurdles the team faced with technology almost 20 years ago and how months of painstaking efforts to perfect CG and special effects ultimately came together to create the groundbreaking piece as we know it.

Below is a snippet from the piece, the full version of which you can read here on Muse by Clio.

“As creatives, we often encounter at least once in our career the feeling of selling a piece of work short. And for what? Avoiding confrontation, getting to that date on time, exchanging some smiles, a pat on the back? Weeks (or even years) later, when all of that has passed, you're left with the sense of a missed opportunity. But not on this one. This one we walked away knowing that all of our hard work and every late night paid off on screen.”