07th February 2024

LBB | What Do Ad Experts Expect from Super Bowl 58?

LBB’s Ben Conway spoke with a variety of industry voices to find out their predictions for the ads at 2024’s big game. Framestore's Krystina Wilson, Executive Vice President of Advertising, North America, stated that "We're ushering in a generation of consumers where storytelling is king. What better way to creatively engage your audience by showcasing what you sell and what you value as a brand than a representative in the form of a beloved character? This past year, we have seen a massive resurgence of the brand character or mascot… It's undeniable that [CG] characters possess an innate ability to evoke empathy and exhibit natural comedic behaviours, reactions and habits that universally resonate with viewers. They forge profound connections, consistently delivering brand messaging that resonates with diverse audiences."

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