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15th January 2024

LBB | AI in Production and Post: What Does the Future Hold?

There was no escape from AI in 2023 as platforms like Midjourney and ChatGPT truly democratised the tech. Last year brought endless opinion pieces and debates about whether the robots were taking over and, depending on their stance, leaders in this industry either praised AI as a creative catalyst or condemned its usage as a mindless producer of countless blobs of personalised content goop.

However, if you ask the experts, it turns out AI really wasn’t that new to the creatives and creators of adland. Inarguably, generative AI tools did take a foothold, not just in the industry last year but in public life too, but in fact, artificial intelligence has been employed regularly across the board - by production companies, agencies, VFX studios and more - for some time.

Exploring this, LBB’s Ben Conway has posed the questions: What really changed in the year that AI took over everything? And as we begin a new year, what does the future of AI in advertising look like in 2024?

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