05th December 2022

His Dark Materials S3 in VFX Voice

VFX Voice

As with the fantasy trilogy written by author Philip Pullman, the HBO, BBC Studios and Bad Wolf production of His Dark Materials concludes with the third season which adapts The Amber Spyglass. Accompanying Lyra Belacqua (Dafne Keen) throughout her travels into alternative dimensions with her animalistic daemon Pantalaimon, discovering her parentage and being drawn into a biblical war are Executive Producer/Production Designer Joel Collins and Series Visual Effects Supervisor Russell Dodgson who previously collaborated on the sci-fi anthology series Black Mirror. That experience made Collins want to collaborate with Dodgson again. Acknowledges Collins, “Russell has done way more as a supervisor than you include in his role, and it has taken that kind of freedom within the process to expand it into all of the areas to fix problems.”

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