Double Lovecraft

Wednesday 21 October 2020

Intrigued so by Framestore's work on HBO's Lovecraft Country, Den of Geek went for a double whammy, publishing two articles on the project. 

For the first, the head of the Framestore Art Department Martin Macrae spoke to UK editor Rosie Fletcher about the department's role creating concepts for the hero creature the Shoggoth and also for several other ghosts, spirits and visuals that appeared thorughout the series. 

Talking about the work Martin said it was hard to chose his favourite designs from the project; 'It was such a diverse brief, and I think all the characters and creatures are so strong in themselves, they were all equally challenging as well as exciting to actually see on the final screen!'

And then in an article that focuses on bringing the Shoggoth to the screen, Grant Walker, our Joint Head of CG and the Framestore's VFX Supervisor on the project chatting through the VFX process in relation to the show, saying; 

'When a monster is interacting closely with a human being, you need to make sure it’s either moving that person or it’s physically affecting that actor, but also that it’s casting shadows correctly. You’re filming all this action going on and there’s one significant thing missing, which is the shoggoth.'

Read both of Rosie's brilliant articles on the Den of Geek website now:

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