11th May 2022

Director Chris Waitt Takes on Thumbtack

Framestore Pictures comedic director Chris Waitt brought his sharp wit to the surreal and quirky new spot for Thumbtack. Partnering with creative agency L&C and Framestore’s VFX team, they brought the talking thumb to life with charm and character. 

From the article:

"'Initially, the debate was about how the thumb would talk and would look, whether it would have a full face on it,' said the director of the clip, Chris Waitt. 'That was a big area of debate. The main thing is wanting to avoid it looking too bizarre or feeling like a horror film. Hopefully we’ve achieved that.'"

“Waitt said that the creative team tested different ways the thumb would look. They initially placed teeth and eyes on it, and also drew eyes and a mouth on the thumb Sharpie-style. Eventually they settled on a thumb with just a mouth…A major reference point for the thumb was the Sorting Hat in Harry Potter.”

To learn more about the spot, read more in Adweek here.