Creativity Awards 2023

Monday 24 April 2023

Framestore Named 2023 ‘VFX Company of the Year’ by Creativity Awards

Framestore is honored to be named ‘VFX Company of the Year’ by the 2023 Creativity Awards. The announcement was made by AdAge at their annual A-List & Creativity Awards gala in New York on April 24.

"We're beyond grateful for this recognition,” said Framestore President, Global Advertising & Content, Charles Howell. “I'd like to thank all the agencies, directors and brands we partnered with in 2022. Our industry has had its challenges over the last three years, but working with my colleagues at Framestore has been an unmitigated joy -- they believe so fiercely in our mission to create an environment which nurtures and inspires creativity, innovation and loyalty. And whatever brilliance has gone before, there is better to come."

Framestore's exceptional advertising projects from the past year were acknowledged, including Nike's ‘Footballverse,’ which features iconic soccer players from past and present, employing various VFX techniques, including digital de-aging, CG environments and advanced compositing.

Asda's ‘Have Your Elf a Merry Christmas’ pulled Buddy the Elf from the 2003 film and placed him in a current day store using Framestore's meticulous planning and deft-touch VFX. The team seamlessly integrated Buddy into a new environment with a faithful representation to eye-line, shadow, and cast interaction.

For the launch of Paramount+, Framestore built a whole new world behind the iconic Paramount Mountain, utilizing every discipline of the VFX pipeline.

​Other notable mentions included Tide's tie-in with Marvel's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Kohler's ‘Poseidon’ spot, directed by Murray Butler.