01st December 2023


FLITE, the directorial and writing debut of Oscar winning VFX Supervisor Tim Webber (Gravity, The Dark Knight) is now available to watch online.  Starring Alba Baptista (Warrior Nun, Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris), the futuristic short has an unusual first person cinematic camera; continuous and highly choreographed for the action, giving the film the scale, impact, excitement and appeal of a Hollywood event movie.

Set in a semi-submerged London of 2053 the action packed film explores the nascent and underground practice of ‘memory visualisation’.  Stevie, the reigning World hoverboard champion, imprisoned in a luxury high-rise apartment by her controlling manager, is helped by the kindness of a courageous stranger, and sets out on a daring and ingenious attempt at escape.  All doesn’t quite go to plan. 

“I had been exploring the idea of a ‘Memory Investigator’ while playing with a strong visual image I had in mind of a girl on a hoverboard teetering in a broken window of a luxury highrise, deciding whether to flee” explains Webber.  “I realised we could bring these strands together and tell the story of Stevie, a young, champion hoverboarder, desperate to break free from an oppressive manager, through the memory of a stranger anxious to help her.”

Filmed across 5 days with a small cast featuring Alba Baptista Warrior Nun, Mrs Harris Goes to Paris), Gethin Anthony (Man Hunt: Unabomber, Game of Thrones) and Daniel Lawrence Taylor (Timewasters, Uncle) Webber and his production team adapted innovative production techniques initially developed on the feature film GravityFLITE integrates real, layered, human characters into a heightened and breathtaking world that’s grounded in reality. 

FLITE has had a successful festival run having picked up awards at HollyShorts (Best Genre), Ignite (Best Score and Best Post Production) and  North East International Film Festival (Best Director Short Film).  

Written & directed by Tim Webber, produced by Simon Whalley and Diarmid Scrimshaw with animation and VFX by Framestore, colour and finish by Company 3.  FLITE is a Framestore Films & Inflammable Films Production.



Alba Baptista

Gethin Anthony

Daniel Lawrence Taylor



Written & Directed by Tim Webber

Produced by Simon Whalley & Diarmid Scrimshaw

VFX Supervisor - Theo Jones 

Realtime Supervisor - Nestor Prado

Visualisation Supervisor - Francisco Pacheco Beltran

Animation Supervisor - James King 

Compositing Supervisor - Wouter Gilsing

Editor - Daphne Tychogiorgou

Original Music - Harry Escott

Sound Designer - Ben Goodal

Colourist - Jean-Clément Soret


Animation & VFX by Framestore

Colour & Finish by Company 3