03rd August 2023

befores&afters X FLITE

Interviewed for the cover story of issue 12 of the befores and afters magazine, Chief Creative Officer Tim Webber reveals the new approaches taken by the Framestore team to produce the short film 'Flite'. With virtual production at the heart of the project, the team took what they learnt from the making of 'Gravity' even further to improve the process of making a film inside Unreal Engine.

The film came to life through the use of a volume/LED wall and motion capture shoot with Unreal Engine, integrated with the studio's own toolsets and workflows: FUSE (Framestore Unreal Shot Engine) and FPS (Framestore Pre-production Services).  Webber explores the advantages and challenges of what could be a new pipeline for interactive virtual filmmaking, in particular how FUSE can facilitate the use of Unreal for VFX artists without having to retrain in a new tool, allowing for larger-scale productions with greater ease. The director details the factors that allowed everything to come together so seamlessly, producing a successful final product from a different method of filmmaking. 

Read an excerpt of the interview here.