A black and white photo of Margot Ingrassia

Margot Igrassia


What did you want to be when you were younger? 

Between schoolteacher, singing star and veterinary surgeon, I also went through a "famous writer" phase. Basically : either become famous or help people in some way; I finally made my choice and found my calling in recruitment.


Years working in recruitment? 

Almost 5 years, time flies! 


Year you joined Framestore? 

October 2021. 


How do you like your coffee? 

I'll go for a lungo - no sugar - no milk. Probably my Italian heritage!


What superhero power would you love to have? 

Power to be invisible. 


What's your favourite Framestore project? 

My latest favourite is definitely Guardians of the Galaxy 3. I'm a fan of the franchise and those baby Rockets... I mean... !!!


Number one tip for an application to impress you? 

Honesty is the way to impress me. That's how we'll build a working relationship based on trust, right from the start. Don't hesitate to talk about the challenges you've faced - the important thing is to know how you overcame them.