A black and white photo of Kate Munro

Kate Munro

Recruitment Manager

What did you want to be when you were younger? 

My dream job when I was younger was to spend my days dramatically dropping diamonds into the ocean but it turns out no one wants to pay me to do this wildly financially irresponsible job that I made up.


Years working in recruitment? 



Year you joined Framestore? 

I transferred from Method Studios to Framestore in 2021.


How do you like your coffee? 

I love iced coffee with lots of cinnamon.


What superhero power would you love to have? 

Teleportation so I can travel on a whim and also avoid my annual mascara donation to Canada Border Services when I inevitably overdo my liquid limits because I’m bad at government mandated plastic bag Tetris games. 


What's your favourite Framestore project? 

Hard to say as there are so many great ones but I guess I’ll go with Barbie. 


Number one tip for an application to impress you? 

We really aren’t looking for snazzy colourful resumes. Be clear and concise.