A black and white photo of Jake Cuddihy

Jake Cuddihy

Creative Director

Jake is a multi-discipline creative with a background in TV and theatre. His work brings together thoughtful design and imaginative storytelling.

After starting out as an actor Jake slowly moved behind the camera, writing and directing online content and freelancing as a storyboard artist and motion graphics animator. As an illustrator his work has been featured on stage at the National Theatre and West End, as a writer and director his short films have been featured in film festivals around the world with wins in the categories of Best Script and Best Director for ‘Suckablood’ and best Film at the London SciFi Film Festival. He was nominated for Best Newcomer in a British TV Soap, and directed the 2018 England Rugby team for an O2 campaign at their home ground Twickenham. 

Highlights with Framestore include work on award winning commercials for HP ‘Z’, creating and presenting the opening film at OFFF design Festival Barcelona 2023 and directing the opening title sequence for HBO series SuperPumped.

a red dragon
‘Dragons Dogma 2’ - Cinematic Trailer
Toucan Sam stands on a house as it rains Froot Loops over a neighborhood
Froot Loops 'Find the Loopy Side'
Titlecard that says "Super Pumped - The Battle for Uber'
Halo 'Snack Spots'


Creative Director
Dragons Dogma 2 - Cinematic Game Trailer
Creative Director
Froot Loops 'Find The Loopy Side'
Art Director
Shoe Carnival 'Unbox Holiday'
Design Director
Nintendo Pokemon Diamond ‘Find Yourself’