Nous associons talent et technologie
pour élargir les limites du possible en publicité,
cinéma, production de séries et expériences immersives

Nous concrétisons des idées extraordinaires et leur donnons vie à l’écran ou dans tout espace, grâce à notre savoir-faire, à notre imagination et à la technologie. 

Framestore rassemble des visionnaires qui travaillent dans les domaines du cinéma, de la publicité, de la télévision et des expériences immersives. Notre travail et notre expertise sont très diversifiés, grâce à un regroupement de 3 000 artistes, productrices et producteurs talentueux répartis dans nos bureaux à travers le monde.

The Invisible Art

Our artists explore the art of animation and how we breathe life into creatures & characters at Framestore.

A boy is stroking the beak of a mythical creature with a birds head and horses body, they are in a warmly lit forest.


A large pink amphibious creature swallowing a solider who is being pulled out by a large robotic armoured man.
13th juin 2024

Adding Fingers to Fallout

Multiple press outlets look at the processes of animating Fallout's Yao Guai and the Gulper.
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A man sat at a desk surrounded by CGI dinosaurs, some on the desk and one large on poking its head through a window.
12th juin 2024

Celebrating the life of Award-Winning Animator Mike Milne

Animation Magazine joined us in celebrating the life of Mike Milne this week.
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A man jumping from a crane to a helicopter through the air, there is the VFX Voice logo in the bottom left corner.
11th juin 2024

Fall in Love with The Fall Guy's VFX

Production VFX Supervisor for The Fall Guy, Matt Sloan, discusses the collaboration and the complex work delivered by Framestore.
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Our latest case studies

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My Spy 2: The Eternal City
Prime Video

My Spy: The Eternal City

JJ chaperones Sophie on her school trip to Italy, where they become involved in a terrorist plot.
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Paddington sits in an upturned umbrella, using it as a boat to sail down jungle rapids

Paddington in Peru

Paddington and the Browns head off on an exciting new adventure.
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United Parks

Loch Ness Monster: The Legend Lives On

Famestore’s revamp elevates the legendary Loch Ness Monster roller coaster to new heights.
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