Nous associons talent et technologie
pour élargir les limites du possible en publicité,
cinéma, production de séries et expériences immersives

Nous concrétisons des idées extraordinaires et leur donnons vie à l’écran ou dans tout espace, grâce à notre savoir-faire, à notre imagination et à la technologie. 

Framestore rassemble des visionnaires qui travaillent dans les domaines du cinéma, de la publicité, de la télévision et des expériences immersives. Notre travail et notre expertise sont très diversifiés, grâce à un regroupement de 3 000 artistes, productrices et producteurs talentueux répartis dans nos bureaux à travers le monde.

The Invisible Art

Our artists explore the art of animation and how we breathe life into creatures & characters at Framestore.

A boy is stroking the beak of a mythical creature with a birds head and horses body, they are in a warmly lit forest.


A walkway filled with larger than life size images of Carrie from Sex in the City.
11th avril 2024

Webby Awards 2024 Nomination

And just like that… our collaboration with MAX on the Carrie’s Closet immersive experience is nominated at the 2024 Webby Awards.
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A man wearing a top hat, holding a cane standing in a crowd where the word Wonka is presented on many umbrellas.
4th avril 2024

postPerspecive | Wonka

In an interview with postPerspective, our overall VFX Supervisor Graham Page unveils the layers of creativity and technical prowess that went into bringing the enchanting world of Wonka to life. From European storybook vibes to the quirks of a CG giraffe, discover how we blended reality with whimsy. 

Read the full interview here.

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A selection of stuffed toy animals are stood in next to a fallen tree in a field, there is the Animation Magazine logo in the bottom right.
29th mars 2024

The Future of Animation

Animation Magazine interviews Global Director of Animation, Michael Eames.
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Our latest case studies

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Ben Stiller golfing in the desert with long hair and a long beard

Epic Bad Golf Day

Ben Stiller is just a little off the green in new ad featured during the 2024 Masters.
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Beetlejuice Beetlejuice
Warner Bros.

Beetlejuice Beetlejuice

The juice is loose! Tim Burton's comedy-horror sequel Beetlejuice Beetlejuice.
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A sheep stands in a ticket tornado game at a fair, with carnival tickets stuck all over its wool
Cox Mobile

Ticket Tornado

Annie, Cox's hero character, is living her best life at the fair.
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