Why do I need to supply my e-mail and password?

Our recruitment database allows you to have a user profile in order that you can log in and update your details or check on the status of your applications at any time you choose. This will save you from having to apply multiple times as your information changes or having to e-mail us with new information. Your password is confidential and we do not know what it is. If you forget your password then you will be e-mailed a password reset link in order to select a new password - for confidentiality purposes we are unable to tell you what your password is as this is not stored anywhere in the database. At Framestore we take your privacy seriously and will only use your personal information for the purposes of reviewing your application for the vacancy you have applied to. From time to time we may also contact you with details of other jobs that might be of interest. Under no circumstances will we pass your details on to any other company.

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password or can’t log into my account?

If you have forgotten your password or other login details then please follow the instructions on our careers webpages in order to be e-mailed a password reset link. In our experience, occasionally the e-mail that is sent can end up in your junk or spam folder as it is an auto-generated message so please be sure to check if you haven’t received anything within a couple of hours.

If you are still unable to locate or reset your password or have forgotten the e-mail address you used to register with then please send us a message and we will do our best to assist you. Please don’t register again with different credentials as that will duplicate your information in our database making it more complicated for us to review your details and increasing the time it will take for us to get back to you.

Can I apply for multiple roles? Do I have to complete separate applications for every position I apply to?

You can apply for as many positions as you feel are relevant for your skill set. However, please know that when we assess your application we will do so against the particular role you have applied for but if we feel that you would be more suitable for another role - due to skill set, experience, availability, visa requirements etc. - then we are able to share candidates across the entire global recruitment team via the database. Please do indicate your location or division preference via your application and we will take this into account when reviewing your application. In particular it is helpful if you can indicate that you are interested in working across the different divisions at Framestore (i.e. film and integrated advertising) so please do ensure that you apply for roles in both areas if that applies. If you do decide that you would like to apply for multiple positions then you will not be required to enter all of your information every time. By creating a user profile with your first application you are then able to simply ‘add' jobs to your profile and only update position specific information as required.

What happens if I apply for roles in different locations?

The recruitment team at Framestore is a global team that works together very closely to ensure that we are fitting the right candidate to the right role. As a result we will always assess whether a candidate is a fit based on skill set, experience, availability, visa requirements etc. and will ensure the best location match based on those criteria, of course taking into account any specified preference. If you apply for the same role in multiple locations then the entire recruitment team will be able to see and assess your details and one location will normally progress with your application in the first instance. If during that process it becomes apparent that you may be more suitable for another of our offices then we will ensure that we introduce you to the relevant recruiter there and that they are able to continue the application process with you. We do our best not to cold-contact you from multiple sites as that is confusing for both us and you!

I don't have some of the mandatory information - what should I do?

When creating our application process we have thought carefully about what information is crucial in order for us to be able to assess your application thoroughly. Therefore it really is important to us that you complete all of the mandatory fields (marked with a *). If you really aren't able to provide the information required then please send us an e-mail and we will do our best to assist you.

Can I still e-mail an application to you?

We will no longer accept applications via e-mail. All applications should be submitted via the Careers page of our website.

Do you still accept hard copy applications?

We do not accept hard copy applications. All applications should be submitted via the Careers page of our website.

Can I submit a speculative application?

If you do not see a position advertised that is suitable for your skills or experience then you are able to submit a speculative application via our Careers web pages. At the bottom of the main page you will see a heading ‘To fill out a general application form click here'. If you follow the ‘click here' link you will be taken through to a speculative application form which you can submit to us at any time.

I am interested in registering my details for freelance work can I do that?

We always like to hear from freelance artists interested in short term opportunities at Framestore. We use freelancers mostly within our Integrated Advertising locations (New York, Los Angeles and London). Please register your details using the appropriate freelance section on our Careers web pages. We may not have any freelance opportunities available at the time you register but we will keep your details on our database and will get in touch as and when a suitable opportunity does become available.

Can I attach additional materials to my application in addition to my reel link?

If you would like to attach other materials to your application such as a show reel breakdown document or traditional portfolio you are more than welcome to do so. As long as the attachment is in doc, docx, rtf, pdf, txt or html format and is less than 4MB in size then you are able to attach as many additional materials as you would like for us to review.

How do I apply for Work Experience or Internship opportunities?

We offer internship opportunities at all of our worldwide offices. When these opportunities are available they will be advertised along with our other current vacancies on our Careers web pages. We will also advertise these opportunities via our social networks.

Unfortunately at the present time we do not operate a Work Placement or Work Experience scheme.

How do I update details that I have previously sent to you?

You are able to log back in to your profile with us at any time and update the information you have provided to us (availability, CV/resume, reel, cover letter etc.). Simply enter your e-mail address and password in the ‘Previous Applicants' section at the top of the Careers web pages. If you have forgotten the e-mail address you registered with then please contact us to get confirmation - please don't register again with a different e-mail address as this creates duplicate entries in the database for you and can slow us down when reviewing your application details. If you have forgotten your password then please follow the password reset instructions available on the website.

If I don't hear from you within a few weeks what should I do?

We receive a huge number of applications and we do our best to get to all applications as quickly as possible. If you have the right skills and experience for our current vacancies then you will be invited for interview. If you aren't quite the right fit for our immediate needs then it may be that you don't hear from us until a position becomes available that would be a fit for you. Provided that you have received an e-mail confirming that your application has been submitted then we have definitely got your application and will be in touch as and when we can. It is not necessary to follow up with us if you haven't heard - it just means that you aren't quite the right fit right now.

What should I put in my showreel?

It is important that your showreel is available online as we do not accept DVD reels. It is preferable if your reel is available on a video sharing site such as Vimeo that is accessible through a variety of browsers and platforms.

Your showreel should show your best work. Your very best work should be at the start of your reel and please include clear shot breakdowns whenever you can. Try and keep your showreel short - a minute and a half to two minutes is about right. We would much rather see quality over quantity.

Is there anything else that I can do to help me get a job at Framestore?

It is a good idea to connect with us on our social media channels (TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook) to ensure that you keep up to date with what we are doing and when we are hiring.

Do I need to have a visa for the country that I want to work in?

When we assess your application we will take into account the visa requirements for that particular location and will consider whether you would meet them. If we feel that you would successfully meet all requirements then we will support you with the visa application as appropriate and will discuss the details with you when making you an offer of employment. You don’t need to have a visa in place before you apply to us.

I would like to visit the studio, meet you for a chat and/or arrange a tour. Is that something you offer?

Unfortunately we are not able to arrange visits, meetings or tours for individuals as we receive too many of these requests to be able to meet them all. If you are interested in or have applied for a position with us then we will contact you to arrange an interview when positions are available.

However, if you are a school, college, University or other group who are studying visual effects, animation or another related topic that is interested in arranging a visit in order to provide a learning or experience opportunity for your group then we would be more than happy to arrange that with you. Please contact us with the following information:

- Name of the group or institution you represent

- Reason that you would like to visit

- Approximate size of the group you would like to bring

- Any suggested times or dates that would be convenient for you

Please note that in some of our offices we are unable to provide tours due to client confidentiality but we will always endeavour to provide a presentation and Q&A session including time with one of our artists if appropriate.

I’m a student who is undertaking a research topic related to visual effects or animation and would like to interview a member of staff. Can you help me?

We will always try and respond to requests for information. However, depending on our workload we may not always be able to provide you with the opportunity to interview directly with one of our team. The best thing to do is to e-mail us with your request, details of the research you are undertaking and the suggested questions that you would like answered and we will do our best to respond over e-mail as soon as we can.

I think I’m interested in a career in VFX but don’t know where to start. Can you give me any advice?

The first thing to know is that anyone looking for a career in visual effects will need to have some knowledge of our standard industry software (Maya or Nuke are best) and when they apply they submit their CV along with a demo reel that demonstrates that experience.

If you are genuinely interested in a career in this industry, then you would need to get some software experience under your belt. To produce a show reel, you have several options: you could simply download a learning licence of either software and create a show reel yourself through your own learning/playing around, alternatively, you could choose to study on a short course somewhere like Escape Studios in the UK or Lost Boys Studio in Canada or you could study online through a programme like DigitalTutors. There are also various college and University courses around the world that you could look to study on if more the traditional education route is your preference.

Here are some links that give great guidance and can also help you select a course if that is appropriate:

Creative Skillset VFX

Creative Skillet: Pick a Couse

Creative Skillset: Core Skills in VFX

Next Gen Skills Academy

IntoFilm: a career in VFX

Escape Studios: Careers in VFX

The Rookies: Best Visual Effects Schools in the World

At Framestore we run several initiatives for people hoping to start a career in VFX. All of them fall under the umbrella of Launchpad:

- Launchpad Apprenticeships: currently only available in the UK and an alternative to going to University; aimed at college/school leavers with some but limited experience of what we do. Applications typically open around June/July each year. Opportunities exist within our Assistant Technical Director and Junior 2D Artist teams and we look to take 2-5 apprentices on each year starting with us in September. The apprenticeships are paid.

- Launchpad Internships: aimed at undergraduates who have a year remaining on their studies. Takes place multiple times a year in our US offices and once a year in the summer in both London and Montreal. The internship is paid, and applications open quarterly in the US and around spring time for Canada and the UK.

- Launchpad Runner Development: aimed at graduates who need a little more time to hone their skills. 12-month contract within our running team with a dedicated mentor and training. Paid and work is generally on a shift basis.

- Launchpad: PRO: 3-month short course study in a specialism within Framestore. This has yet to roll out to all of our offices but more of these courses will be coming online in the future and are aimed at anyone from graduate level upwards.