Life At Framestore

Ever wondered what life was like at Framestore? Here you'll find out about our culture and, most importantly, also about our people. 

This section of our site is less about the work than what goes on when we're away from our screens: the training and development we offer; the outside-the-box opportunities our colleagues can access and the clubs, groups and activities we support as a company.  You'll also get the chance to learn about some of our people - what makes them tick, what they love about their work and what life at Framestore means to them.

Framestore Soccer team
The surfbroads walk along the beach
Sports team

Team Activities

We've watched enough movies to know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and the folks at Framestore have seemingly boundless energy to pour into team sports and extracurricular activities. Football, softball, and basketball are mainstays, while more adventurous sorts have been known to indulge in motocross and scuba diving. 


Our studios offer a wide variety of training - from improv classes to help us tell better stories, to hairstyling courses for our groom artists. Sketching sessions and drawing classes help our people hone their 2D skills, while our regular sculpture classes see them bringing their creativity into the 3D world. 

And it's not just for our artists, anyone looking to improve can seek out career development tools such as software training or presentation skills, often taught by our own in-house specialists, as well as off-site training at local schools and universities. The practical benefits include helping our teams explain their work to clients, and helping them convey the rich complexities of their work to audiences around the world.

A sculpture class
Three artists take part in a sculpting class, creating small human sculptures
An improvisation class


We are committed to providing an environment which supports both the mental and physical wellbeing of our team members. In each location we have multiple forms of support in place as well as a variety of professionally trained networks dedicated to supporting each individual and their wellbeing within the workplace, and beyond.

In each Framestore location we encourage positive physical and mental wellbeing and promote the services of our professional partners. Framestore team members have access to local services such as Employee Assistance Programmes which offer confidential counselling and advisory services.

We encourage positive health and mental wellbeing in the workplace via social functions, events and opportunities to bring our teams together. In all Framestore offices there are communal spaces designed to bring people together, some of the activities our teams enjoy include yoga, soccer, softball, cricket and gaming clubs. 

Social Events

At Framestore, we like to get social! Each of our studios has a full calendar of social activities throughout the year, from the end of the month drinks to the occasional team-building exercise. Our events committee put together themed evenings all year round, as well as pub quizzes, pizza nights, and summer barbecues.

Celebrations in Mumbai
Melbourne colleagues enjoy a painting social
Colleagues in Montreal attend an ice hockey game
An animated woman and man walk their dogs in the grass under a tree


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