Framestore is reinventing the way the VFX industry operates. Historically the preserve of the games industry, we’re using engine technology to drive forward the production of film, episodic and advertising projects, as well as immersive experiences. 

We have a long and successful history delivering real-time projects for innovative VR, MR and AR projects, but recent years have seen us developing our work in order to use engine technology for shot-based, fast-render workflows and virtual production toolsets. With engine, we’re empowering filmmakers to make the most creative choices, ultimately redefining what’s possible in VFX.

Real-Time Products

We create VR activations, real-time character animation, branded AR games and interactive theme park attractions which all use engine technology to fully immerse audiences.

Pre-Production Workflows

Our Pre-Production team (FPS) is combining mixed reality with CGI and engine technology to put filmmakers inside digital scenes and allow them to make better creative choices earlier in the production process.

Shot-Based Workflows

Engine’s GPU technology enables faster rendering, allowing us to deliver the highest-quality visuals more efficiently than ever. 

In Production

We are working across a number of innovative R&D projects that are accelerating the adoption of the engine toolkit.