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A man walking into an ornate building from which light is spilling onto the street. There are banners hanging from the building that say Wonka and dancers either side of the man.
29th December 2023

Art of the Frame | Wonka

Wonka's VFX Supervisors and Animation Supervisors talk to Damien Allen on the Art of the Frame podcast.
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A man standing outside a large ornate building with people behind him dancing with umbrellas that say Wonka on them.
28th December 2023

B&A | Wonka

Join Wonka's VFX and Animation Supervisors on the Befores and Afters Podcast.
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A woman holding two glowing swords in an industrial setting, there is the B&A logo in the bottom left corner.
24th December 2023

B&A | Rebel Moon Part 1

Befores & Afters spoke to Rebel Moon Part 1: A Child of Fire’s on-set VFX Supervisor about the biggest VFX challenges in Rebel Moon Part 1.
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A man stood in a room full of screens with tendrils of spagettification around him.
20th December 2023

VFX Voice | Loki Season 2

VFX Voice interviewed Loki season 2 production side VFX Supervisor, Chris Townsend this week on the differences between season 1 and and season 2 in visual style, but also the new effects created such as timeslipping and spaghettification. Townsend praised our team's work on the effects, and on creating the final shots of the series with Loki at the Yggdrasil tree.

Read more about the visual effects in Loki Season 2 here. 

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A woman sat looking into the frame of a pink mirror smiling, in the background there are pink houses and a blue sky.
18th December 2023

Awards Daily | Barbie

With Barbie on the VFX Oscars Long List, Joey Moser at AwardsDaily caught up with Production Supervisor, Glen Pratt on how the invisible VFX of Barbie aid the storytelling. Giving an insight to the on set experimentation and exploration encouraged by Director Greta Gerwig, Glen elaborates:

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A cartoon cottage on a snowy hill, there are christmas lights on the outside and a Framestore F on the front door
18th December 2023

Happy Holidays 2023

Our thanks and warm wishes to every single one of our clients, collaborators, friends and colleagues.
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A larger than life woman stood in a dark and rocky landscape taking off her sunglasses.
15th December 2023

IndieWire | Barbie

IndieWire spoke to Barbie Production VFX Supervisor, Glen Pratt on the technology and work that went into creating the opening ‘Dawn of Barbie’ sequence. Taking inspiration from 2001: A Space Odyssey and nodding to Stanley Kubrick’s own keenness to embrace cutting-edge technolog,y the scene made full use of LED and game engine technology, and here Pratt speaks about the involvement by Framestore’s previs team and intersection of miniatures and VFX. 

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A woman sat looking into the frame of a pink mirror smiling, in the background there are pink houses and a blue sky.
14th December 2023

Post Perspective | Barbie

PostPerspective spoke to Barbie VFX Supervisor, Glen Pratt about the visual effects workflow used throughout the making of Barbie.
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A purple furry monster smiling at something offscreen, the logo for Cartoon Brew is in the lower left corner.
14th December 2023

Cartoon Brew | Imaginary Friends

Cartoon Brew shared their first look at John Krasinski's IF this week, offering  a look behind the scenes. Keen eyed viewers will be able to spot some Framestore turntable test footage of the CG invisible friends in the video below.

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A baby raccoons face, with the LA Time logo in the bottom left.
12th December 2023

LA Times | Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

VFX Supervisor, Stephane Ceretti sat down with the LA Times to talk about the incredible VFX work that went into James Gunn’s third and final instalment of the Guardians series.
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An image of Barbie facing out from the Barbie dream house over Barbie land waving, there is the Gold Derby logo in white in the bottom right corner.
11th December 2023

Gold Derby | Barbie

With Barbie on the Oscars VFX long list, Production Supervisor Glen Pratt talks  to Gold Derby about the challenges of creating the hyper stylised, toy aesthetic of Barbie Land. Speaking about the collaboration between the different departments in the film’s production and how the combination of the physical with the digital created something truly visually unique and joyful. 

Framestore was the lead VFX studio for Barbie, delivering close to 800 shots of Barbie Land, supervised by Francois Dumoulin from our studio in Montreal.

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A still from Wonka showing a man wearing a top hat dancing in front of umbrellas saying Wonka.
8th December 2023

Oscars Longlist 2024

The Oscar VFX longlist has been revealed by Variety, and includes four Framestore projects.
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