Substance Interview

Thursday 17 June 2021

Florence Green and Marnie Pitts who have both worked on numerous feature films, commercials, and immersive experiences at Framestore gave an interview with the folks at Adobe Substance Magazine about how they used Substance across the Sky Mo’s Best Bud commercial and the LEGO Drive What You Love commercial. They also spoke about what makes being a Texture Artist for VFX and Animation so enjoyable.

Marnie: "I really enjoy the research. I get to look very carefully at objects that I may never have paid attention to before. This leads to many beautiful discoveries. I love breaking down the surfaces, analyzing what bits are shiny, bumpy, worn, or damaged. And working out what combination should be procedural and hand-painted, and the best way to convey that through the texture maps."

Florence: "It’s been really enjoyable to work on fine details that have provided escape & enjoyment throughout the pandemic. I feel privileged being part of a team full of incredible artists, creating such varied entertainment across multiple genres. I love being able to explore the beauty in the mundane, whilst exploring new technology and where it can take us."  

They finish by giving out some pro tips on how to become an asset artist. Read the full article on the Substance Magazine.

Substance Interview