Ever wondered what life was like at Framestore? Here you'll find out about our culture, ethos and outlook as a company, and, most importantly, also about our people. 

This section of our site is less about the work than what goes on when we're away from our screens: the training and development we offer; the outside-the-box opportunities our colleagues can access and the clubs, groups and activities we support as a company.  You'll also get the chance to learn about some of our people - what makes them tick, what they love about their work and what life at Framestore means to them.

Executive VFX Producer Episodic, NY & LDN

Meet Julie Long, who seeks inspiration from her daughter, couldn’t live without Google Sheets, and would love to spend a day in the Beauty and the Beast universe to snack on buttery croissants. As Framestore’s Executive VFX Producer - Episodic based in London and New York, Julie is a popular woman whose expertise is appreciated by clients and colleagues across the globe. She fell in love with the world of VFX during her first job, through which she realised how much she loves working with artists and seeing the extraordinary visuals they create.