Framestore Preproduction Services (FPS) enables film-makers and showrunners to make early-stage, creative decisions that can then guide their entire production.

We have over a hundred creatives, technologists and producers working across concept art, previsualisation, virtual production, in-camera VFX (ICVFX), techvis and postvis.

This unique pool of world-class minds and skills allow us to serve as true creative collaborators, whether the production in question requires initial character design, logistical assistance for a single complex sequence or a ‘beginning to end’ offer that begins with concept art and culminates in our award-winning final VFX. 

Concept sketches for Paddington

Concept Design

Previsualised bear fight sequence


Gravity is shot in an LED lightbox

LED Volumes

Gravity lightbox

On Set Visualisation

a director checking a camera on a film set

Virtual Scouting

the goblin gnarlak pointing his finger looking straight ahead

Performance Capture

concept art of winnie the pooh looking confused

Virtual Art Department

A supervisor watches a monitor on set

Farsight: Virtual Production