A boy floating down from the ceiling of a large columned room. There is light spilling from a hole in the ceiling.

Sun Valley

To launch the new Microsoft Windows 11 OS, Framestore and McCann New York follow one woman’s dream sequence reminiscent of an Alice in digital Wonderland. Brought to life in a surreal visual journey through iconic Windows elements and user interfaces, the spot shows how Microsoft “Brings You Closer to What You Love.” 

Effects Simulation
Animation Supervisor
Visual Effects Supervisor
person suspended in air in the centre of a in a six floor library

Shot in multiple locations, from China to Los Angeles, auteur director Tarsem Singh lent his unique visual storytelling flair to the project, creating rich environments, dynamic choreography and striking compositions.

Framestore’s LA and Chicago VFX teams worked in tandem across a virtual toolbox of approaches, including CGI, animation, matte painting, UI design, green screen performance, various location backplates, Lidar scans, modeling and set extensions over a tight three week schedule.

Design also played an integral role in concept and look development, allowing the team to zero in on the aesthetic from the start of the project and guide the VFX through to completion.

person standing in the centre of a desert that has white sand. there is an animated large screen in the sky. pink smoke is exploding out the top of the screen. there is a soldier and a dune buggy to the left.
a person walking in the centre of a room covered in blue stripes of various tones. the wall behind them is covered in social media logos and video game posters

“Our approach to communication allowed our teams across different locations to operate with the utmost creative efficacy and collaboration,” said Ben West, Creative Director at Framestore. “Our role was to bring the wide range of elements together in a very short amount of time, and we’re proud of the final aesthetic.”

The spot was also colored by Framestore’s LA-based Colorist, Beau Leon, and appears across broadcast and digital channels.

a person is canoeing on peaceful water. there are mountains covered in trees and greenery in the background. there is an animated translucent screen that has a chat screen in the centre of the image
back shot of a person looking at a translucent collage of someone interpretative dancing and paintings that are covering the entire screen


McCann New York
Creative Director
Ben West
Head of Production
Carla Attanasio
VFX Producer
Chris Harlowe
Associate Producer
Jose Alvarado
CG Supervisor
Clement Renaudin
Compositing Supervisor
Alejandro Villabon
Modeling Supervisor
Marco Amador
Layout Supervisor
Sean Dollins
Edwin Schaap, Kavin Rooney, Taylor Hodgson-Scott
Aidan Merryman, Victor Grant, William VonJess
Charles Roberts, Craig Tozzi, Evan Langley, JD Yepes, Jesus Yapor, James Rowell, Paul Krist, Peter Timberlake, Woei Lee
Flame Artists
Bruno De La Calva, Elad Offer
Digital Matte Painters
Eric Mattson, Harry Wormald, Pete Pace
VFX Editors
Chris Hamilton, Jacob Sadowsky
Cinzia Pegorin, Kevin Baker, Richard Shallcross
Luis Rodriguez, Todd Herman
Meghan Pangiochi
Alexander Temirov, Brian Creasey, Soren Barton
Beau Leon
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