A pair of feet in orange trainers, one of the feet is on top of a football on a football pitch.

Just A Game?! | Sports Direct Euro 2020

Framestore teamed up with creative agency COPA90 and production company CANADA to deliver the high-spirited and energetic Sports Direct commercial which speaks to the heart of football fans and aired on the day of the UEFA Champions League final.

Effects Simulation
Visual Effects Supervisor
football starts here and sports direct text in front of a firework background

Working with Director Pensacola, Framestore was briefed to add creative elements which would reflect the energy and passion of the football community. The spot sees lead character, Dave cause an unapologetic city-wide power cut during a football match which calls for St Luigi, played by Eric Cantona, to take Dave on an enlightening journey to prove that football is not just a game. Along the way, the two meet several world famous football players as they travel through a range of football loving communities.

close up shot of a footballer blowing a party horn

The team, led by Framestore’s VFX Supervisor, Christian Baker, created a full-scale and fully CG stadium for a key segment of the commercial, which Framestore brought to life with a digital crowd in Nuke, and further enhanced with photoreal elements through digital matte painting. The team also delivered seamless transitions between the bustling scenes including a portal through a doorway and football kick-ups that transport the viewer from one location to another.

Framestore’s work on the project included creating invisible VFX integrated throughout the live-action sequences, including illuminating streetlights and shop signage, TV screen compositing, replicating a city-wide power cut and adding sparks and fireworks.

six people standing in a fish and chop shop looking up into a screen in shock and awe while holding food in their hands

Colourist Simon Bourne added the final touch with a slightly hyper-real and filmic grade which worked to enhance the joyfulness and exuberance of the commercial.


Sports Direct
Creative Agency
Chief Business Officer
Simon Joyce
Chief Creative Officer
Gav Rowe
Business Director
Luke Hyland
Creative Directors
Lawrence Tallis and Enric Soldevila
Senior Producer
Alison Cummins
Production Company
Olan Collardy
Managing Director/EP
Oscar Romagosa
Executive Producer
Marta Bobic
Luke Plaister
Production Manager
Marian Mikhail
Editing Company
Carlos Font Clos
Sound Design
Sam Robson
Karen Noden
VFX Supervisor
Christian Baker, Sherrine Byfield, George Palcut, Adriano Calafiore, Vasco Cerqueira
Design Director
Stephen Goalby
Concept Design
Nikola Yordanov
Design and Heart Animation
Jamal Bennett
Harry Wormald
Matthew Unwin
Simon Bourne
Hiero Editorial
Humberto Reynaga
Thomas Ashby
Daniel Ravanelli and Aadel Matoorianpour
Head of Advertising
Helen Hughes
Senior Producer
Anna MacDonald
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