Portrait of Stuart Penn

Stuart Penn

VFX Supervisor

Stuart’s experience highlights the wide pool of expertise that Framestore draws from: he worked as a research physicist for ten years before embarking on a successful VFX career. His 10-year academic career saw him establish a new research department at London South Bank University while researching superconductors and dielectric materials.

Since joining Framestore he has worked on some of the world’s most celebrated films and franchises, from Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight to Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy and Alfonso Cuarón's Oscar-winning Gravity, where he helped develop the techniques used to shoot zero gravity scenes, working with motion control robots and the innovative LED lighting stage.. 

In 2017 Stuart worked alongside Ridley Scott as VFX Supervisor on Alien: Covenant, resurrecting the iconic ‘facehugger’ and bringing his experience to bear on the film’s zero-gravity moments. Elsewhere, his extensive on-set experience has seen him supervising shoots for the BAFTA-nominated Paddington 2 and Amazon Studios action-adventure, The Aeronauts. 

In 2019 Stuart led Framestore’s work on Marvel’s box office-breaking Avengers: Endgame - the highest-grossing film of all time, A Boy Called Christmas for Netflix/StudioCanal, and a challenging sequence for Venom 2. Stuart's latest project was Marvel Studios’ series for Disney +, Moon Knight.

Steven Grant confronts alter ego Marc Spector in a mirror
Moon Knight Season 1
actors eddie redmayne and felicity jones from the aeronauts standing in a hot air balloon in the sky surrounded by clouds and butterflies
The Aeronauts
cg animated rocket racoon character wearing an avengers white suit looking up with his arms crossed
Avengers: Endgame


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