A brightly coloured cartoon planet

Iggy and the Missing Links

Iggy's universe is governed by one rule, and one rule only.... things change and you never know when that change is going to strike.

Framestore and Adorable Media present a first look at 'Iggy and The Missing Links', a co-production slated in 2020.

Concept Design
Visual Effects Supervisor
iggy and the missing link characters standing together

Welcome to the Wonderfully Weird World of Iggy!

The creative inspiration for the series is evolution and the crazy, haphazard process animals and plants go through as they develop. Just like the lives of our viewers who are growing and changing on a daily basis, Iggy’s universe is governed by one rule and one rule only....things change and you never know when that change is going to strike. One minute you’re strolling along on your fishy fins and BAM! A giant rhino horn sprouts from your forehead. Or you suddenly develop that long-awaited leg. Pretty handy, until you discover you’re limited to circular motion only. 

iggy the cartoon happily falling through the sky


'Iggy and the Missing Links' is targeted to boys and girls aged 6 to 9 years. The 2D animation will span 52 x 11min episodes, and is currently in development, having won significant funding from the Creative Europe MEDIA sub-programme’s Single Project funding opportunity. One of only two UK productions to gain such backing, the project's selection was based on the international potential of the concept and narrative, across cinema, television or digital platforms.


For more information: https://www.adorable-media.com/iggyxtras