An animated woman and man walk their dogs in the grass under a tree

Blue Cross Blue Shield

Framestore's Chicago team and Framestore Pictures teamed up with HY Connect on a campaign for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Framestore is proud to work with the local health affiliate on the campaign, with direction from David Mellor. The work shows the breadth of Framestore capabilities, from live action direction to 3D character animation and design. 

3d character and world. there are two people and a dog walking towards a tree

3d animated world: there are two people and two dogs walking towards a tree
3d animated world. a couple standing by a tree with an afraid look on their face as their dogs are approaching each other
3d animated world. a couple standing by a tree with an afraid look on their face as their dogs are approaching each other


Agency, General Market
HY Connect
SVP/Account Director, HY Connect
Brad Most
Agency, Latin Market
Paco Collective
Account Executive, Paco Collective
Nicolas Tiparescu
Executive Producer, Framestore Pictures
Jennifer Siegel
Director of Photography
Josh Kraszewski
David Mellor
Art Director
Dan Solomon
Samuel Walsh
Minji Sohn, Rob Garcia, Tao Ye
Edwin Metternich
Producer, HY Connect
Nathan Grigsby
VP/Account Supervisor, HY Connect
Suzanne Velonis
Associate Creative Director, Paco Collective
Luis Zepeda
Production Company
Framestore Pictures
Producer, Framestore Pictures
Brooke Gaston
Editorial Company
Executive Producer
Krystina Wilson
Jamie Hoskins
Devon Taylor, Luca Pelegatta
Francisco Dias, Steven Johnson, Jamie Knoop, Taylor Hodgson-Scott
Xuechu Zhang, Ben Zhu, Matt Doll, Jacob Dailey
Concept Artist
Tuna Bora, Callum McKeveny
Associate Creative Director, HY Connect
Brian Colbert, Kevin Sheehan
EVP/Chief Creative Officer, HY Connect
Kevin Houlihand
Account Director, Paco Collective
Alejandra Chavez
Director, Framestore Pictures
David Mellor
Head of Production, Framestore Pictures
Milena Milicevic
Editor, Hootenanny
Liz Tate
Head of Production
Raven Sia
Animation & Design Supervisor/Lead
Russell Miller
3D Generalist
Richard Coley
Chingtien Chu, Shihan Barbee, Ryan Reeb, Jessica Groom
Will Golladay, Ali Beisbier
VFX Editor
Jonathan Lewis
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