Outer space

AICP Awards Showreel

To celebrate and pay tribute to the sponsors of the 2020 AICP Awards, Framestore’s Ian Bradley directed an entirely CG short film that takes viewers on a surreal journey through space. Using the pandemic lockdown as inspiration, the astronaut depicted in the film represents the collective human race at the current moment. Uprooted and contained until help finally arrives, he gazes out at the beauty of the universe, the debris of his mothership, and the strange artifacts representing the old way of life that are now drifting through oblivion.

a jupiter-like planet in space. there is a space shuttle that has the tex 'cafe 3c' written on it

“With all the strangeness and uncertainty of the pandemic sweeping the world, we count ourselves lucky to be in position to still create this kind of work,” said Bradley. “And as everyone tunes in to the awards remotely for the first time, we thought we should address how we’ve all been feeling.”

While we try to stay sane in our quarantined rooms, our workplaces have become a distant memory. High stakes precautions rule our lives, rations are measured, and our friends and loved ones are seen only through small digital windows. But throughout all of this we manage to stay connected and keep each other going.

an animated astronaut inside of a space shuttle standing in front of a window while floating in space
a close up shot of an animated astronaut looking away. the planet jupiter is in the background

Framestore’s Design Studio worked their magic using a mix of tools including C4D, After Effects, Photoshop, and Maya.

First broadcast across the live, three-day awards event, the film will also be memorialized alongside the show at New York’s MoMA in perpetuity.


Matt Miller
National Events Producer
Aurora Warfield
Creative Director
Ian Bradley
Supervising Producer
Heino Henning
Production Coordinator
Nathaniel Cabral
Art Director, Designer
Fernando López, Reuben Fernandez
Senior Designer
Coy Yuan, Bassma Yang
Kelly Vongbunyong
Concept Artist, Illustrator
Daniel Demirdjian
Asset Supervisor
Jessica Soderstrom
Riley Nelson
Colour Producer
Kevin Smith
Clark Griffiths
Gareth Williams, James Leibow
Executive Producer
Carol Dunn
Joshua Green
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