A black and white photo of Brian Solomon

Brian Solomon

Creative Technology Director
New York

Brian has dedicated his career to mapping uncharted pathways where entertainment technology and the real world blur.

Early in his career he created the XR team within Meow Wolf, where as a Creative Director, he and his team explored the application of real-time and computer vision technology to enable digital narrative layers within real life exhibitions that visitors could touch and explore. 

Since then, he’s provided his creative and technical talents to startups and entertainment brands, like LivingCities.ai, Hexagram, AMC Television Network, Expo 2020 Dubai, and MSG’s Sphere —the world's most technologically advanced entertainment venue. 

“Sphere and Meow Wolf are a glimpse at the evolution of entertainment. Both are great examples of cross functional teams using technology and creativity to extend narratives and new multi-sensory experiences into the world, all in tandem with the creation of new forms of digital content. To me, there’s so much value in making the actual world surprise people again, and I’m thankful I was able to see what was possible, learn, and imagine within those environments.

It’s because of these new formats that I’m truly excited about joining Karl Woolley’s team at Framestore, where their team has demonstrated its ability to scale and collaborate in the digital and machine learning realm at an award winning level. 

Their rich visual heritage and storytelling talent will only continue to grow in importance as content evolves to meet the demands of this modern new wave of experiences, which were once on the horizon, but now entering living rooms and public spaces”.