A black and white photo of Lizi Bedford

Lizi Bedford

Head of Studio

Lizi Bedford has a Framestore career spanning an impressive two decades. She has been involved in the VFX production of over fifty films in London, beginning as a coordinator, assistant producer, and producer in the teams working on the Harry Potter series, Avatar, and Where The Wild Things Are.

In 2010, Lizi took on her first managerial role as Crewing Manager for London’s film division, where she worked on War Horse, Gravity, Iron Man 3, and Captain America: The First Avenger. For the past 10+ years of her career, Lizi added to this array of experience by stepping into the role of Head of Production, where she completed a variety of films including Paddington, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and Doctor Strange, and as Global Head of Resourcing, in which she oversaw all crewing management for Framestore’s eight studios, including Montreal, Vancouver, Melbourne, and Mumbai.

With Lizi’s in-depth experience in leadership as well as a broader understanding of the VFX industry, in 2023 she accepted the role of Head of Studio, London, where she has been managing Framestore’s entire film department in the UK.