15th juillet 2020

Body of Work: Framestore bears (a lot of) bears

A partir de
Befores and Afters

Framestore sure knows how to make bears. The VFX studio has realized the creatures for several projects, including two Paddington films and two incarnations of the His Dark Materials franchise. Plus they’ve crafted the furry animals for Christopher Robin and Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made.

Which makes Framestore’s bears a perfect candidate for befores & afters’ latest ‘Body of Work’ breakdown. Sadly, despite the fact that some of his Guardians of the Galaxy companions call him a ‘Build-A-Bear’ and a ‘trash panda’, this piece does not include Framestore’s work on Rocket Raccoon. It does include, however, an exclusive VFX breakdown video for Timmy Failure; read on below to check it out.

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