Two men in a car the man driving is wearing a hat and looking at the man in the passenger side.

Comin' Home

Framestore partnered with Nespresso and McCann to create movie magic in this comedic new spot with George Clooney and Andy Garcia. Taunted by Garcia's perfect Nespresso morning, Clooney makes a trip through cinematic history set to the tune of 'Comin' Home' - all for his favourite cup of coffee.

On Set Vis
Effects Simulation
Visual Effects Supervisor
actor george clooney and a person sitting on a harley davison motorcycle
actor george clooney with his back towards the shot. there is an umbrella upturned on the side of the road. a car is driving on
It isn't everyday that the perfect project comes across your desk: great creative, awesome client and collaborative production partners. It was an incredible and ideal scenario to show off exactly what we can do when given the proper tools.
Nick Fraser
Senior Producer

In this spot Framestore places Clooney into transportation scenes for such classic films as 'The Muppet Movie', 'Smokey and the Bandit', 'Psycho', 'Planes, Trains & Automobiles', 'Easy Rider' and 'Seabiscuit'.

Framestore served as technical lead with creative input on methodology prior to the shoot which enabled the team to perfectly outline how each composite would work. Also providing VFX supervision, Framestore added rain accentuation (both practical and 3D) in opening scenes on the film set. The team was responsible for the overall integration of George Clooney across all iconic film scenes including environment and live action plate cleanup.

george clooney smiling and looking at the camera as he sits on a harley davidson bike in front of a green screen

close up shot of actor george clooney's face. he is looking into the camera as he smiles. he is wearing motorcycle goggles and a hat
actor george clooney in the backseat of a taxi. the taxi is driven by two muppets characters
Hats off to Martin and the whole Framestore team. It's a rare thing that every single composite shot is as flawlessly executed as this.
Murray Butler
Executive Creative Director
a black and white close up of george clooney and janet leigh as marion clane driving in a car


Production Company
Grant Heslov
McCann Erickson NY
Editorial Company
Big Sky Edit
Executive Producer
Sarah Hiddlestone
Executive Creative Director
VFX Supervisor
Senior Producer
Nick Fraser
Design / Matte Painting
Callum McKeveny
2D Team
Karch Coon, Sang Kim, Raul Ortego, Steve Drew, Matt Pascuzzi, Elaina Brillantes, Corrina Wilson
3D Team
Nathan Diehl, Mohamed Echkouna, Sean Curran, Stefania Cancemi, Will Frazier, Nico Cappuccio
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