front view of somnia robot looking into the camera


Direct from the brilliant minds within Framestore VR Studio, Somnia is an interactive narrative of space, technology and ultimately, isolation. An episodic experience crafted specifically for Virtual Reality, bringing you to the distant solar system to unravel a past that won’t remain hidden anymore.  

A journey that starts with what we know… and ends with what we fear.

Wake up, we need your help

The first original content from Framestore VR Studio brings people though space and back in time, to tell a story buried deep within. Somnia begins simply: a starship, a child-like robot and an epic quest to save the world. But voices and visions from an outside world puncture this reality while fleeting memories reveal a troubled past. Given the magnitude of your mission, these so-called glitches are to be ignored. Until they refuse. Genres and techniques collide as virtual reality is both the subject of and the vehicle for this startling and exciting journey.

vr perspective of the interior of a futuristic room
vr perspective of a futuristic starship that is sparking

Things are not as they seem...

Dennis awakens from hypersleep as a disaster strikes his sleeping crew. He is left alone aboard a starship carrying a payload essential to humanity’s future. But Dennis is in a VR simulation. His mission is an illusion. His doctors are shaping him into a hero to help him overcome a past trauma. But something inhuman has entered the simulation. It is neither fooled by the illusion or swayed by Dennis’s would-be heroism...

vr perspective of character dennis standing in a starship

In Development

Somnia was written by Framestore Creative Director Rob Auten, former lead writer on video game franchises such as Gears of War and Battlefield. The story for Somnia was based on a concept by Framestore VR Studio Digital Lead Developer, Michael Cable. The project is overseen by Amy Small and Christine Cattano, Global Heads of VR. Development was funded by Framestore Ventures, led by Gaby Darbyshire.  

Somnia is positioned VR’s current core audience of gamers and early adopters, but features a narrative depth more accessible to film fans. Therefore we are targeting sci-fi fans in general, particularly those looking for high-quality content for their VR systems.

sketch process of a robot
sketch process of a robot
outside perspective of an astronaut floating inside of a starship

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