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Why Women Kill

Framestore’s television department worked on all ten episodes of Why Women Kill, an original series produced for Paramount Pictures. Its work includes a whole host of environments and a key sequence in which the creative studio digitally aged the show’s main star, Lucy Liu. 

Visual Effects Supervisor
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front view of a pasadena mansion surrounded by palm trees
back view of a woman wearing a coral dress with a floral bow tie opening the door as another woman stands with her hand on her hip wearing a purple and green blouse, green bead necklace and lime green trousers

As well as the work that signified a single timestamp out of the series’ three decades, it also provided VFX for a number of complex transitions where time periods changed from one to the other in the same shot. This included sequences where floor tiles changed colour beneath an actor’s feet and foliage grew in a matter of seconds to show the passing or regression of time.

‘The premise of this show hangs on the believability of three time periods so our work needed to be an extension of that in order to establish when each scene was taking place,’ said Jeremy Burns, VFX Supervisor at Framestore. ‘It was important that our work gave audiences an instant recognisability of what time period they’re in to make sure the show’s complex narrative structure was clear.’ 

As well as the exterior and interior environmental VFX, the team was also tasked with digitally aging Lucy Liu’s character Simone 30 years for a sequence in which she appears in the show’s 2019 storyline. With just four weeks to deliver 13 shots, the team started with a photogrammetry scan of Lucy's face which it used for tracking and texturing. Wrinkles were added as a texture, rendered through lighting and composited back onto Liu’s face in the shots where makeup including eyeliner, blush and lipstick was also added. ​

actress lucy liu aged through cg animation
actress lucy liu aged through cg animation sitting in a wheelchair as two people stand before her and another person is walking towards them inside a pasadena mansion
We were thrilled that we could partner with Stephen, Trey and CBS to deliver VFX on the whole series of Why Women Kill
Diana Ibanez
Executive Producer, Framestore

‘Working on the whole series has allowed us to ensure there was a cohesive look across the entire series as we’ve delivered a wide variety of VFX. The team did an excellent job in delivering this project to an incredibly high standard, on what was a pretty tight schedule,’ commented Diana Ibanez, Executive Producer at Framestore. 


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