Two young girls stand facing each other, with cobwebs on the left hand side of the image

A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting

This project was completed by Method Studios in 2020. Method’s film and episodic teams in Montréal, Vancouver and Melbourne are now a fully-integrated part of Framestore. 

Naturally, a first-time babysitter wants to be in control and secure in the knowledge that their charge is safe. But in Netflix's A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting, things don't go as babysitter Kelly (Tamara Smart) had hoped. In this fun, spooky movie, directed by Rachel Talalay (Riverdale, Supergirl) and adapted by Joe Ballarini (from his children’s' book series), Kelly and her ward, Jacob (Ian Ho), are not only kidnapped, but their abductor happens to be the subject of Kelly's worst nightmares -- the boogeyman, or Grand Guignol (Tom Felton) as he's known in the world of the movie. Soon, the fight is on as the kidnapped strike back after joining forces with a secret society of babysitters dedicated to protecting kids from monsters, led by the experienced monster fighting babysitter, Liz (Oona Laurence). Meanwhile, Guignol enlists the help of his monster accomplices. These characters, called the Toadies, are monstrous-looking but diminutive guys who try in their uniquely haphazard way to aid Guignol.   

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side view of oona laurence as liz lerue on the left and tamara smart as kelly ferguson on the right looking at each other in an abandoned building covered in spider webs