21st mars 2024

The Invisible Art

Framestore is renowned for its ability to breathe life into believable, resonant creatures and characters, from those based on real-life counterparts to ones that are the product of the very wildest imaginations. 

As we’ve grown as a company we’ve spent time thinking about what we do, and what makes our approach to animation so special. We call it ‘the invisible art’ - work so deft and so nuanced that the storytelling spell remains unbroken. 

The role of the animator in this is a varied one: artist, observer, problem-solver, team player and a conduit for channelling a director's creative vision and, in many cases, the physical or vocal performance for A-list acting talent. 

In this film some of our artists and animators give their thoughts on the invisible art: what it means, what goes into every moment of VFX animation, and what we ultimately hope to achieve.

A boy is stroking the beak of a mythical creature with a birds head and horses body, they are in a warmly lit forest.