Four yellow Nissan Z vehicles drive across a bridge - each a different variation of the model

Be Moved

To introduce the all-new Nissan Z, Framestore partnered with TBWA\Chiat\Day to highlight the iconic car’s deep design history.

The compositing team focused on two sequences, creating the reflection of the legacy Z as it zoomed past, and paying homage to the sports car’s heritage by making the previous models disappear as the new 2023 vehicle drives off into the distance.

The silhouette of a man as he walks to a Nissan Z in a dark parking garage


Nissan USA
VP, Chief Marketing Officer
Allyson Witherspoon
Director, Marketing Comms, Strategy & Production
Erich Marx
Senior Manager, Brand + CCL
Ty Webb
Manager, Marketing & Production
Jamie Marburger
Head of Integrated Production
John Doris
Head of Production Operations, Nissan United
Victoria Kreuger
Executive Producer
Sarah Farrand
Integrated Producer
Brooke Azzaro
Director Business Affairs. Nissan United
Debra Horvath
Business Affairs Manager
Leti Schumacher
Executive Creative Director
David Banta
Group Creative Director
Mike Blanch
Senior Copywriter
Briatni Wes
Business Lead
Renee Rauchut
Senior Business Manager
Anne Zimmerman
Business Manager
Gabriela Balaguer
Senior Product Specialist
Patrick Jones
Director Product Integration
Andy Gavin
Product Integration Specialist
Chiraag Dave
Production Company
Biscuit Filmworks
Ben Strebel
Partner/Managing Director
Shawn Lacy
Executive Producer
Andrew Travelstead
Head of Production
Sean Moody
Robby Mooring
Director of Photography
Ottar Gudnason
Creative Director
Martin Lazaro
Executive Producer
Nick Fraser
Bidding Producer
Nadia Brent
Senior Producer
Nathan Niamehr
Production Coordinators
Jack Doremus, Juliana Fonseca-Alesso
On-Set VFX Supervisor
James McEwen
Lead Compositor
Theuns van Rensburg
Keno Naidoo, Ryan Ninko
Finishing Artists
Toby Brockhurst, Jeff Charatz
CG Tracking
Francisco Dias
Nathan Zankich
Company 3
Tim Masick
Color Producer
Ryan Moncrief
Color Assistant
Stephen Winterhalter
Whitehouse Post
Adam Marshall
Executive Producer
Brooke Williams
Assistant Editor
Paul Chung