26th janvier 2024

Art of VFX | Invasion S2

Acclaimed VFX Supervisor Owen Braekke-Carroll, whose visual effects expertise has enhanced shows like "The Martian," "Thor: Ragnarok," and "The Witcher," recently offered a behind-the-scenes look at his latest project: the captivating Entity from "Invasion" season 2. In an informative interview with Befores & Afters, Braekke-Carroll discusses his career path, creative approach, and the unique challenges of bringing this otherworldly being to life on screen.

He describes the collaborative and rewarding experience of working with Framestore, where the team was given "a great deal of creative freedom and input," resulting in "a range of diverse ideas and solutions for the creature." This collaborative spirit is evident in the final product, where the Entity's form and movement are both visually stunning and unsettling.

Discover what went into making "Invasion" season 2's visuals so captivating.