23rd janvier 2024

Academy Award Nominations 2024

Framestore’s Oscar-nominated work for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 drew on the talent, craft and expertise of four of our global studios. 

Our artists, producers, technologists and previs experts in London, Montreal, Vancouver and Mumbai all worked tirelessly to deliver career-best VFX and give the Guardians the send-off they so richly deserved.

VFX Supervisor Alexis Wajsbrot led the London team’s work, crafting no fewer than six iterations of house favourite Rocket Raccoon, from adorable kit to wide-eyed adolescent and the hardened, wisecracking trash panda the world knows and loves. Incredible animation craftsmanship was key to each version of Rocket, as well as the emotional flashback sequences featuring his companions Lylla, Teefs and Floor. 

Our Montreal team’s work was led by VFX Supervisor Stephane Naze, who led on the creation of telekinetic space dog Cosmo, the ‘college ball player’ iteration of Groot and the creation (and Adam Warlock-assisted destruction) of the complex, neon-lit Knowhere environment. 

VFX Supervisor Ross McCabe oversaw the Vancouver team’s contribution to the film, leading on the Guardians’ visit to Counter Earth and the touching spaceport moments where the team fretfully tended the ailing Rocket Raccoon. 

In addition, the film called on our FPS previs and postvis artists; our talented team in Mumbai and our in-house art department: a huge and heroic team effort befitting some of the MCU’s most beloved characters.