Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira stand back to back against a red background, Danai wields a long sword over her shoulder

The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live

Framestore’s NY VFX team, led by VFX Supervisor Thomas Montminy Brodeur, were tapped by AMC VFX SupervisorLotta Forssman, and AMC VFX Producer, Jamie Cernich, to help bring to life the latest installment in the apocalyptic The Walking Dead series. Taking place after the conclusion of the original series, The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live follows Rick Grimes and Michonne, as their love story is challenged by a new world, kept apart by distance and an unstoppable power.

Michonne looks over a military base

Our team crafted action sequences, CG landscapes and environments and various effects across the 6 episode season, all while ensuring the final product remained realistic. The project touched several departments, from CG to DMP, to FX and composition, which allowed our teams to create a grounded look. 

“The brilliant work from many departments on the project The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live made this challenge a success. There were definitely no dull moments on the show due to the tremendous variety of VFX that we needed to do!”

-VFX Supervisor Thomas Montminy Brodeur


Head of Creative
John Kilshaw
VFX Executive Producer
Julie Long
VFX Supervisor
Thomas Montminy Brodeur
VFX Producer
Emily Williamson
VFX Production Coordinator
Sunan (Sue) Lin
Compositing Supervisor
Illia Afanasiev
CG Supervisor
Jimmy San
Compositor Lead
Sebastien Boulange
CG Lead
Patrick Ross
Concept Artist
Marco Iozzi
Matte Painters
Callum McKeveny, Menelaos Peristeridis, Crystal Lyons, Benjamin Walant
Track/Layout Technical Director
Jass Tsai
Rebecca Teichner
3D Modelers
Jessica Soderstrom, Leslie Clark, Youran Lyu
CG Rigging
Jeremy Livingston, Michael Leon Ware
CG Lighters
Mike Marsek, Romain Faure, Ryan Robinson, Manuel Riedl, Alexis Behilo, Kayla Whitehead
Sean Curran, Francisco Dias, Antonio Guidetti, Sam Crees, Goran Ognjanovic, Yarim Machado Galvan
FX Artists
Kenyon Bertelsen, Jason Daoud, Mitch Deoudes, Stephen Elphick, Francois Duchesneau, Ehsan Parizi, Mohamed Echkouna
Paint & Roto Artist
Em Hackley, Yilin Lai
Aaron Wei, Noah Catan, Gil Milstein, Neiko Nagy, Tori Buenger, Jess Kim, Chun Yao (Luke) Chang, Elaina Brillantes
VFX Editors
Eugen Bekafigo, John DiMare
Pipeline Technical Director
Anthony Scudese