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Andy Rowan-Robinson

Creative Director
New York

Andy Rowan-Robinson is Creative Director for the Integrated Advertising team at Framestore's New York studio. Originally joining the team as part of its film department, the last 15 years at Framestore have seen Andy’s passion develop across embracing innovative storytelling, leveraging new technologies and techniques, and fostering a culture of experimentation amongst his team.
He is the creative force behind some of Framestore’s most notable campaigns, including the award-winning Absolut ‘One Night’ spot alongside BBH, as well as creative lead on Framestore's longtime work for the legendary GEICO Gecko. In addition to recently directing a series of Gecko spots, he has also flexed his directorial experience for a joint campaign for Visa and Chase Bank.

He has also lent his experience and leadership to Framestore’s VR Studio for Game of Thrones 'Ascend the Wall' and 'Defend the Wall' experiences, GE's ‘Nature of Industry’ and ‘Volvo Reality,’ and the award-winning VR component of Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. 
Andy has worked on household name brand clients like Nissan, Nintendo, DirecTV, Mercedes, and Pepsi, and claims film credits like Underdog, Narnia: Prince Caspian, Wanted, as well as the Best Achievement in VFX Oscar Award for The Golden Compass.

niffler creature from fantastic beasts mid air holding onto a tiara
Fantastic Beasts and Magic Leap
Geico - Marvel
Geico 'Infinity Gecko'
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The Golden Compass


Creative Director
Mercedes Enlightenment
Creative Director
Geico ‘The Gecko Next Door’
CG Lead
Mission Blue
Pipeline Technical Director
Pipeline Technical Director
Lighting Technical Director
The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian
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Lighting Technical Director
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Technical Director
Secrets of the Deep