A black and white photo of Francisco Pachecho Beltran

Francisco Pacheco Beltran

Visualisation Supervisor

Francisco grew up in Juarez, Mexico. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts & Animation from University of Tecnologico de Monterrey as well as earning a diploma from online school, Animation Mentor.

Francisco started his career as Layout Lead on the Award Winning Short Film, Mila, before transitioning into the world of Previs. Starting out with an Apprentice Program at Baraboom Studios, he then moved onto The Third Floor, where he progressed to Previs Lead, before joining Framestore Pre-Production Services in 2020.

Francisco has leant his talents to multiple global projects, working from LA to Australia, Belfast, and London. He enjoys the challenge of making tools for other artists, and trying out new technologies. 

Outside of the office, Francisco loves hosting board game nights with friends, and enjoys travel photography and paddle boarding.

Nemo sits on her bed, with cuddly toy Pig, as it floats across an ocean
A hand reaches into a lake, grasping what seems to be a hand coming out of the water, formed of lots of small fish
The School for Good and Evil
Thor Ragnarok Still
Thor: Ragnarok


Visualisation Artist
Visualisation Artist
Visualisation Artist
Visualisation Artist
Black Widow
Game of Thrones
Pre-visualisation Artist
Ready Player One
Visualisation Artist